Criminal Injuries Compensation Claims

Hassle Free. Dedicated. Confidential.

We care and aim to ensure that the claims process is dealt with in an efficient manner so as to be less traumatic for those affected, by ensuring that all claims remain confidential and are dealt with by one experienced specialist from beginning to end.

You may be entitled to compensation if you have been a victim of a violent crime.

Whilst as an individual, you are able to pursue a claim for compensation of your own accord, our specialists here at RD Costings, have the experience and knowledge to secure a payment in circumstances where an individual application would not necessarily be successful.

Before making any application to the CICA, please ensure you are eligible. The following factors are taken into consideration, prior to any application being completed on your behalf:

  • A claim for compensation must be within two years of the incident date;
  • The Police have been alerted to the crime, immediately following the incident, or as reasonably practical to do so;
  • You can provide the Police Crime Reference Number;
  • You have no Unspent Convictions/Criminal History;

Compensation may also be awarded if, as a result of a violent crime:

  • A close relative has passed away;
  • You witness said crime happen to a loved one;
  • You attended the scene immediately following the incident;
  • You were financially responsible for funeral expenses, following the death of a victim of a violent crime

You may also be eligible for compensation if you undertook a “justifiable and exceptional” risk, in order to prevent a serious crime taking place.

Other claims that can be considered, alongside violent crimes are:

  • Sexual Abuse (historic and present day);
  • Emotional Abuse;
  • Domestic Abuse;
  • Assaults;

Claims are dealt with under a Conditional Fee (“no win, no fee”) Agreement basis. No fees will be incurred upfront, fees are satisfied under an agreed level following receipt of your compensation. The level of fees applied is dependent on complexity and resources required. This will not exceed 25%.

For more information, or to make a claim, do please contact us.